Rising Stars Competition


The objective of the Rising Stars competition is to encourage the participation of riders 18 years and younger in the sport of dressage. The competition is based on and inspired by the Rising Stars show in British Columbia, with the objective “to provide young riders the opportunity to participate in a dressage competition that is exclusively their own, in an environment that provides a fair playing field for junior riders of different age groups, wherein each will compete against [their] peer group at all levels of skill, from beginners to advanced.” All classes will be held in a 20x60m arena. Participation is restricted to riders 18 years and younger as of Dec. 31, 2024.

Rising Stars Welcome Event

The Thursday Welcome Event is an opportunity to meet other Rising Stars participants, register your team, and get a list of riding times for Rising Stars participants so that you can cheer everyone on! Note that teams will be formed for riders who do not have one.

Special Awards and Prizes

RS Class Prizes

In designated RS classes the horse with the highest score will awarded a prize.

RS Class Champion & Reserve

Training ; First ; Second ; FEI Children Prelim. A, Team, Individual (12-14 years of age only); FEI Pony (ages 12-16). Training through second level, and FEI Children are calculated on the sum of all 3 technical tests. FEI Pony is calculated from the sum of the Team and Individual tests.

RS Equitation Championship

Equitation is a significant factor in dressage success. On Friday RS classes will have two judges in the ring, one judging the technical movements in the test and the second judge evaluating the equitation skills of the rider. These equitation results determine the riders that go to the Equitation Championship group classes on Saturday evening. At ODF take the opportunity when you are not riding to watch the equitation of the top Canadian riders.
Equitation Championship group class (“ride-off”) is a special championship class in the Gold competition. Qualification to compete in the ride-off is required and there is no fee for this class.

The best 2 equitation riders with a score over 60% in each of the classes: 15,17,19,27,28 qualify for the Gold Equitation group class Sunday Ride-off.

The equitation Champion and Reserve will be awarded by the results of the Ride-Off.

What to expect in the ride-off?

This is a group class with participants being directed to show walk, trot, and canter both ways of the arena. Athletes will be evaluated on their equitation skills only. There is no tie. Groups may be divided into smaller sections, at the discretion of the judge, to ensure safety. As well, at the discretion of the judge, individual patterns may be requested to be performed by specific riders. The pattern will be simple and at the Training level. It will be communicated to the riders before class starts by the RS leaders and also by the announcer.

    An example of a pattern could be:
  • Walk on left rein to the track at B
  • At B, transition to rising trot
  • At C, sitting trot and 20 m circle
  • Go large rising trot, from HXF, change rein
  • At A, transition to canter right lead and 20 m circle
  • At K, transition to trot and walk - and return to the line-up

RS Sportsmanship Award

Awarded to the RS participant who demonstrates a high level of sportsmanship, based on nominations by their peers. Forms for nominations will be available at the show or download the RS Sportsmanship Nomination Form Word Icon /PDF icon

RS Team Competition

To foster sportsmanship and teamwork RS riders create and/or are assigned teams. The top three teams will receive an award. Team rules: Each RS horse/rider combination can be on one team only. Teams may be made up of any level or mixed levels of horse/rider combinations competing in RS-designated classes. Each team will consist of a minimum of 3 horse/rider combinations, maximum of 4 horse/rider combinations. All teams need to be named and declared through the show office no later than the start of competition on Friday. Team scores will be calculated on test 2 of each level on Saturday, e.g., Training level test 2; for FEI it will be Pony individual test and Children’s team test. The points from the top three scores will be added together to determine the three top placed teams for awards.

Special Classes

Pleasures Pairs

Ridden by pairs (2) of horse/rider combinations. The class is run as a group class, with all combinations in the ring at the same time. Combinations will be judged on their ability to stay in sync through a series of walk/trot/canter/transition exercises, requested by the judge. No movements above Training level will be required.
Pairs may be made up of competitors competing in Training level or above. Riders must be 18 years of age or younger.